April 28, 2015

naturopathic ~ acupuncture ~ massage

Shiva Barton, ND, Lic. Ac.  –  Keri Layton, ND

Marcie Troisi, Lic. Ac., MAOM

Regina Pacor, ND

Liz Allen, LMT (formerly Liz Eiler)

Our health care practice is committed to providing safe and effective natural therapies for patients of all ages, in a friendly and comfortable environment. We use a drug-free, non-surgical treatments to help you get well and stay well.  Our roots are based in tradition but our practice uses current, modern alternative treatments to help you improve your health. WNHA offers a variety of services for many types of health conditions.

Whats Happening

Transitions at WNHA

Dr. Regina Pacor has made a change of careers this spring and will close her WNHA practice at the end of April. Until then, she continues to take follow-up appointments with her existing clients and helps them to transition their complementary care to our new associate, Dr. Layton.


We are thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Keri Layton to our practice. Keri is relocating her busy practice, and her family, from Rhode Island to Boston and is bringing her health practice to WNHA! Keri will begin seeing patients in April. 

Please call our office, 781-721-4585,  to schedule your appointment or to arrange a complementary consultation.



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