July 28, 2015

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Our health care practice is committed to providing safe and effective natural therapies for patients of all ages, in a friendly and comfortable environment. We use a drug-free, non-surgical treatments to help you get well and stay well.  Our roots are based in tradition but our practice uses current, modern alternative treatments to help you improve your health. WNHA offers a variety of services for many types of health conditions.

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Outdoor Adventures and Exposure to Poison Ivy

Poison ivy rash is caused by an allergic reaction to the oils on its leaves. The oils can be spread by touch until they are washed away. Some individuals with severe allergy may experience a systemic reaction with itching and rash over much of the body.

Treatment of poison ivy often involves calamine lotion or other topical medicine to relieve itch. Treatment with acupuncture & herbs can decrease the symptoms to provide much needed comfort and support the immune system to calm the allergic response & help the skin to heal.


  1. Learn to recognize poison ivy: a vine-like plant with groups of three, shiny & pointed leaves.
  2. If you’ve been near poison ivy, wash well with soap and hot water. Soap containing the plant Jewel Weed (such as Burt’s Bees Poison Ivy Soap) is particularly helpful.
  3. Immediately wash any clothing that may have touched poison ivy, or may have touched the oils on your skin.
  4. Be aware that outdoor pets may brush up against poison ivy, and come home with the oils on their coats.





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