August 21, 2019


Our Testimonials:  Together with our online appointment system and surveys taken in our office, we often receive testimonials from patients regarding their care here at Winchester Natural Health Associates.  We protect patient confidentiality by using initals and/ or age information when applicable. 

  • I would like to testify to the superior knowledge and compassion of Dr. Keri Layton.  She has been my N.D. for 6 years and although I don’t see her regularly anymore (this is due mostly to her wonderful advice and care) she was a key factor in my recovery from surgery in 2008.  Dr. Layton has a wonderful approach to change your diet, among other lifestyle changes to help you gain better health, without causing major upheavals in your life.  She taught me about using food as medicine, and I’ve continued to feel that although I don’t need her at this time, she is always there at the end of an email or telephone should I need a tune-up.

    I have referred many friends to Dr. Layton, and they have told me how life-changing her advice has been.  I wish Dr. Layton well in her new practice in Winchester, and am also happy that she will still be available in Rhode Island.


  • I strongly recommend trying this place. We came here twice, one time with my one year old child 4 years ago, and second time I came few months ago for help with my health issues that traditional medications resulted only side effects. In both cases our experience at Winchester Natural Health Associates was great. My child was treated with homeopathy and I had few acupuncture sessions. We had great results with these treatments. Thanks to Winchester Natural Health Associates.
  • I find the office efficient, friendly and professional. Dr. Pecor is professional and talented with great insight and knowledge. –
  • I have been seeing Dr. Barton about an autoimmune disease. He has helped to keep me on track with reversing my symptoms through diet and supplements. We were able to exclude the foods that I was reacting to with an at home test. Dr. Barton is very easy-going and knowledgeable. I feel confident with the treatment plan that he has be on because he explained the purpose of each of my supplements. – P.S.
  • Liz Eiler is an excellent massage therapist. She combines different techniques to eliminate muscle tension and achieve relaxation. She also has a great intuition that allows her to balance the overall energy flow of the body. I highly recommend the 90-minute or 2-hour sessions. It is well worth the time and investment. – T.S.
  • Marcie takes a whole body and spirit approach to every appointment. She truly cares and analyzes your personal health and well being and treats the situation(s). You leave feeling renewed and feeling better.- H.C.
  • I’ve been seeing Dr. Barton for several years now. I initially went to see him for acupuncture on my shoulder. I began seeking his advice for other health problems as well. He listens to what I have to say each visit, and always has something to try for each problem presented. This is such a refreshing alternative to the health care system. I highly recommend him. Everyone with whom I’ve worked at Winchester Natural Health Associates is top-notch. – S.C.
  • Marcie has been working with me for years. I appreciate her knowledge and her gentle approach to healing. – D.H.
  • I loved Dr. Regina Pacor. She is very smart as well as caring. She took a lot of time to get a sense of me as a whole, rather viewing me simply as a patient with symptoms. – M.R.
  • I have been a long time customer of Winchester Natural Health. I have come in for help with headaches, stress, muscle soreness, nerve damage, etc. All my needs are always addressed either with the help of accupuncture or massage therapy, I always leave feeling revived and re-energized which is why I keep coming back! I always recommend their services to everyone! -A.F.
  • WNHA was wonderful–the receptionist was lovely when I called to make the appointment. Dr. Pacor was fabulous. She was thorough and thoughtful. She made sure that I was comfortable and helped to put my 14 month old at ease. She offered an excellent plan of care. I could not be happier. – J.J.
  • I made an appointment because my medical doctor didn’t seem to be able to sort out my constant headaches. Yesterday I met with Marcie Troisi and in addition to an extremely easy going and pleasant interview I received an acupuncture treatment. Today am almost pain free, after suffering from headaches 24/7 for nearly three weeks. Count me as a convert. I have a follow up appointment next week and I am looking forward to it. – D.B.
  • Liz is an excellent massage therapist. She is knowledgeable, kind and always wants to help make her clients feel better. She has helped me to recover from several sports injuries.- C.L.
  • I have had some sort of holdover from a cold I had a few months ago, but haven’t had the time to get in for a visit. I was so glad Dr. Barton was able to do a phone consult. He recommended some supplements that I could get at Whole Foods, and hopefully, I’ll be on the mend soon! – C.B.
  • Liz Eiler, LMT did a great job and was very sweet! – 10/14 anonymous