August 21, 2019


Addictions can take many forms:

  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Lifestyle: Internet, gambling, pornography, sex

Is it time?

Do you have an addiction? Is it time for you to deal with it? Is it time to look in the mirror and see yourself free from your dependencies? We may be able to help you.

Natural treatments can be helpful in decreasing the biochemical cravings that are a component of an addiction. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and naturopathic remedies can help to break the cycle of dependency by normalizing the biochemistry of the brain and the hormones. In conjunction with psychological counseling and/or conventional interventions, natural treatments can be a valuable tool for helping you to overcome your dependencies.

Addictions are a problem that affects all segments of the population: youth, elderly, poor, affluent, male or female. Addictions are created in response to our biology’s fundamental desire to be satisfied. The feedback mechanism to the brain is based on a cycle that decreases and then increases levels of substances that the brain needs to survive or desires to stay satisfied. These natural cycles monitor the level of oxygen, water, and energy through the actions of breathing, drinking and eating. This ebbing and flowing, much like the ocean waves, is part of the natural biochemical cycle. An addiction occurs when this cycle becomes amplified by abnormal peaks and valleys, or by substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) that the brain does not naturally come in contact with. Natural treatments can help to restore the normal cycle and bring you back to balance.