August 21, 2019

Cancer Support

The therapies offered at WNHA can be very helpful for patients with concerns about cancer. Some of the ways we may be helpful include:

Prevention and Risk Factor Reduction:

Our naturopathic doctors can help to assess your risk factors and recommend interventions that can help to lower your risk for certain types of cancer.

Reducing Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment:

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and naturopathic therapies (supplements, nutrition) have been shown to be helpful in improving the tolerance to treatment by helping to reduce their side effects.

Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy Preparation:

If you are scheduled for conventional cancer treatments, pretreatment with naturopathic therapies, acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs can help to speed recovery time and may diminish the migration of the cancer cells.

Rehabilitation of Shoulder, Arm and Chest Muscles after Breast Cancer Surgery:

Our massage therapy treatment can help these patients recover more quickly from surgery and help regain the proper motion and function of these muscle groups.

Post Treatment Intervention:

Similar to pretreatment, using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and/or naturopathic therapies can help to speed your recovery time, reduce inflammation and discomfort and improve energy.

Improving Outcomes of Conventional Care:

Some naturopathic treatments, especially nutritional supplements, are showing promise in improving the effectiveness of conventional interventions.